As Principal at Triyog High School, I, alongside a team of motivated individuals, help manage a wide range of stakeholders, initiate collaboration and partnerships, manage academic affairs, look after school branding and communication, build focus on community-based and curriculum-focused experiential co/extra-curricular programs, whilst co-creating a safe and exploratory world for staff and students.  

The evolving education ecosystem presents a lot of opportunities for learning and growth that are future-focused. The progresive system of education allows schools to explore theme-based education focusing on 21st century skills – communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. 

Partnership with ecosystem players like Karkhana (STEM education), Robotics Association of Nepal (Robotics and Makerspace), Wildlife Conservation Nepal (Environment and Conservation), the British Council, National Trust for NAture Conservation, Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory, Drawing Room KTM, Children’s Art Museum, Srijanalaya, and various others have opened up unprecedented learning and exposure for the current crop of students and educators.