I started writing while at ECS Media in 2010, where I handled editorial planning and execution for monthly and weekly lifestyle publications. After I left ECS in 2013 I founded WriteWeavers and wrote weekly columns for Republica and The Himalayan Times, both national dailies published out of Nepal, for their Social Impact/Business columns. That made me meet a huge range of social impact creators, business incubation programs, entrepreneurs that had studied abroad and returned to Nepal harnessing opportunities that Nepal had to offer. It was superbly exciting to meet and tell the stories of such people and organizations every week. 

After 2018 we envisioned www.writeweavers.com that would be a platform for curated storytelling in Nepal – primarily through insightful human-interest, entrepreneurial, social impact, and innovation stories. We network with and meet people extensively to learn about their stories and try to put their thoughts into words that hopefully strike a chord with our readers.

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